Burchell_TaylorOn the occasion of Sunshine Dialysis 15th Anniversary. We wish to congratulate Sunshine Dialysis Centre on the achievement of its 15th anniversary of operations. We salute them for the pioneering spirit demonstrated in opening and developing private dialysis services in Jamaica, thus making such an essential service available to more persons…

Sunshine Dialysis, through the highest levels of professional services rendered, the competence and care given its patients, the well attested sensitivity in the delivery of this care and its accessible locatioons has demonstrated that it is a leader in this field. The Christian faith and commitment of its founder, Dr Lilieth Johnson-Whittaker, and other related persons have, no doubt, been contributing factors to its success.

We wish Sunshine Dialysis Centre continues growth and development inspired by the same vision and commitment thats it has so far demonstrated.

-Rev. Dr. Burchell K. Taylor, Bethel Baptist Church.

“Sunshine Dialysis, throught its highest levels of professional services… has demonstrated that it is a leader in this field” – Rev. Dr. Burchell Taylor