Alverston_BaileyOn the occasion of Sunshine Dialysis 15th Anniversary. The Medical Association of Jamaica extends its warmest congratulations to the management and staff of Sunshine Dialysis Centre LTD on their 15th anniversary…

Regretfully, over 60% of all patients with end stage renal disease cannot access therapy in our public institutions, and succumb to their illness due to the absence of intervention.

The Sunshine Dialysis Centre, the brainchild of Dr. Lilieth Johnson-Whittaker, born in 1992, has played a critical role in providing private dialysis for these patients and has saved many lives for those who develop severe kidney failure.

The facility has expanded over the years, and with centres located in Kingston, Montego Bat and Mandevillie, patients can now access services from all regionsof Jamaica. We laud them for making a significant contribution in advancing the health care needs of our people, thus reducing the sever morbidity and mortality from the renal complications, caused by the high prevalence of diabetes and hypertension which exist in our society.

We wish continued success as they continue to practise the art and science of medicine with high levels of professionalism, empathy and a cadre of well-qualified and committed employees. – Dr Alverston Bailey, President, Medical Association of Jamaica.

“We laud the (Sunshine Dialysis Centre) for making a significant contribution in advancing the health care of opur people…” – Dr Alverston Bailey