Kenneth_BaughI UNHESITATINGLY congratulate Dr. Johnson Whittaker and her staff on achieving 15 years of service and leadership in nephrology and medicine…

The innovation to undertake private investment in haemodialysis and related services in Jamaica is a trailblazer in demonstrating a principle, which can be duplicated in so many other areas. In this new era of globalization when medical tourism is mushrooming in developing countries, there are great opportunities for medical entrepreneurs to offer First World technologies in Jamaica and contribute significantly to the creation of wealth for the country.

Indeed, it is already happening in specific areas because of the coverage and energy of many professionals. Such an initiative will also contribute to making available to citizens of Jamaica easier and better access to such technologies at affordable costs.

Many patients suffering from end stage renal disease and needing haemodialysis are currently not able to afford the costs of the service, so they suffer complications and even death as a consequence.

A public sector partnership is the way forward to bring those high-cost indispensible services within reach of the ordinary Jamaican citizens. The lessons learned from this initiative should play a central role in the formulation of future policies for the health sector. – Dr. Kenneth Baugh, Spokesperson on Health: Jamaica Labour Party

“The innovation to undertake private dialysis haemodialysis and releated services in Jamaica is a trailblazer…- Dr Kenneth Baugh